Starting a Club ?

List – steps for starting pickleball programs in Canada [pdf]

Fun & Fitness for Everyone

This has been successful almost every time  (IF FOLLOWED)…..

  2.  Order Paddles and Balls –
    1. Paddles swingers – they are cheap and last a long time.  They have grips and wrist guards.  Cost approximately $20.00 each
    2. Balls, Singapore seamless or Dura for outdoor use and Bulldog Jugs balls for indoor or outdoor use.  Cost approximately $2.50 for Singapore and $1.50 for the Jugs.  All available on  Don’t forget safety glasses.
  3.  Set your times of play with your Rec Center or Parks and Rec.  Try to get a Seniors time, a family time, and a working person evening time.
  4. Once three is done, let the local press know of pickleball’s arrival in your area.  This will help you as the centers and Parks & Rec usually take 3- 6 months to get things rolling.
  5. Put an ad in the local association news bulletin Senior’s news, coffee news, “Y” bulletin, etc., anywhere you think that will give you exposure.
  6. Have your Rec Center produce a little punch card that gives those who come to try the sport THREE FREE punches.
  7. Ask the Rec Center to request that the front desk people recruit from those looking for something new – try pickleball.  A list of 30 people should get you off to a good start.
  8. Very Important  —  Monitor who comes – get their names, phone numbers and e-mail.  Use sign in sheets and sign-up sheets.
  9. If you can, once you are off the ground, look for a sponsor who will provide funds for balls, trial paddles, etc.
  10. After a couple of play times, ask them to join BC Pickleball and give them a downloaded form from BC Pickleball and BC Pickleball Association – to play list.       GOOD LUCK!!

Try Me

Try Me

These are two words that are used in many ways to describe our sport of Pickleball and how we  invite people to come to it and enjoy the benefits of fun , social and exercise. These are the three- in – one benefits of regular exercise with this new, fast paced and fast growing sport.
We have seen on google many different ways to verbalize the same idea – a play and learn, an eight hour teaching session free , a shootout free, free lessons, lessons for a small fee etc.
Today, Sept 30th, has been designated Sports Day in Canada . What a wonderful opportunity for many across our great country to get involved in a participaction event , a TRY ME in their local neighbourhood to recruit some new players for their local program which , if it is drop – in , needs around 10 X the number of players that are on the court at any given time. So ten courts = 100 players per playtime.

This is a daunting number especially for new , beginning programs . One such in BC is Edmunds Rec Center which has seven playtimes per week and after six months ( granted only recently have they had regular instruction ) have only filled about half of their courts.
Please see below how another Rec center , Walnut grove has co-operatively joined a few other sports at a new Event Center in Langley BC to invite many youth and others to come and Try ME in their Gyms with seating for some 500 people.  Since it has rained the entire day, this would, in our experience guarantee a good turnout at their event.  Surely many who have never heard of Pickleball , never mind ever having tried it will have the opportunity today to Try IT.  Kudos to Walnut Grove Rec Center and their
staff and players for putting on this welcoming to all event.
See below the advertising format used to invite the public. May we have many more of the same.

Advertisement to Come

Chuck Lefaive

New Places to Play

New programs with PB offered are:


Mission Rec Centre

District of Mission – Parks, Recreation & Culture
7650 Grand Street, Mission, BC, V2V 3T3
Phone: 604-820-5358 | Fax: 604-826-4396 



1) Indoor – Marpole Rec center Mondays 1:30 to 3:15 pm and


2) Outdoor – Moberly Lake Elemenary in Moberly lake BC and


Fuller Lake on Vancouver Island near Chemainus.


And The Carrington outdoor court in Rosemary Heights in South Surrey ( Private )

Pickleball at Maple Ridge Leisure Centre

Hi Chuck,

Our clinic in Maple Ridge was well received, we had approx. 30 new players interested in pickleball. Our Volunteer player for the day was Mae and she was enthusiastic, well spoken and knowledgeable. It was great to have her support and take this on. She is on holidays for a few weeks and when she is back, we are going to be planning  a few other sessions for specific workshops and equipment. The biggest challenge is players don’t have access to new equipment thru local stores.

Our sessions are advertised in our Leisure Guide and local papers, but Mae was instrumental with connecting in neighborhood areas and facilities and talked to people directly. For future activities, we will send you email updates.

Our next step is to get those interested and that are not “snowbirds” to start using the facility regularly. We would gladly invite you to  support us in any way that you can thru clinics/seminars, etc. Please forward any information and/or future dates that you could come out and present at an indoor session.


Jackie Senchyna
Recreation Programmer
Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Parks & Leisure Services
(p) 604-467-7489  (e)