The POLICE on the Pickleball courts

                                                                             “ The POLICE  on the Pickleball courts” This spring BC pickleball had the pleasure to teach the children of Forsyth elementary school – principal Amber Flanagan – a core inner city school in the heart of    Whalley – 200 … Continue reading

 Spring 2017 Newsletter   Camosun College – Center of Sports Excellence “  A NEW LAYER OF COMPETITIVE PICKLEBALL FOR BC “   Springtime in BC is always a time of renewal, beauty, planning for the summer and especially, excitement for … Continue reading

“ MORE PRESS ARRIVES IN VANCOUVER “ The Sun video below shows the other pickleball games in and outdoor. Vancouver tennis players make space for pickle ball … If tennis, ping-pong and volleyball got together and had a strange-looking baby, that baby would be the … Continue reading