BC PICKLEBALL GOES TO WHITE ROCK - FOR THE SECOND TIME   A Couple of years ago, BC Pickleball in conjunction with parks and Rec White Rock attempted to start a program of Pickleball in the curling rink during the summer. It proved a big task for several reasons – some structural, some promotional,  some managerial ( several sports at the same time )  and some just a lack of players. They did however provide instructors  and those who played there enjoyed it especially when the courts were run length-wise  as opposed to   width – wise. On Thursday, June 25th , as indicated, the new outdoor courts ( 4 in number ) were opened up for our use and the adjacent lock box unlocked with keys from the parks and Rec office next to the skating rink at Centennial park. Four portable sets are on the way , but I used two of BC Pickleball’s sets, available to any member to sign out and [more]


BC PICKLEBALL GOES TO SNOWBIRD LAND A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO PICKLEBALL FROM CANADIANS IN THE USA Recently, Rita and I took a holiday in the sun to celebrate her " celebration of life " after surviving a health issue for the past 18 months. Palm Springs as host of Lee Chadwick was the first stop for one week  where we found that by clicking on Palm Springs - pickleball on their website a whole list of places to play popped up even with an instructor -  listed for people to access. . Second we discovered Freedom Park , a lovely public facility in Palm Desert , next door to Ronald Reagan elementary school , which was in the process of being painted over with eight designated pickleball courts on two under-utilized  tennis courts ,-  .colours were beige on the outside and a strong blue on the courts themselves - see pix above. This park was to host the California seniors games in the [more]

Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015

Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015 We are avid pickleball players from Winnipeg, Manitoba who recently returned from a wonderful vacation in Maui. Our holiday was made even better by the kindness of Chuck Lefaive of the B.C. Pickleball Association. He was able to connect us with Dave Wagner, a resident of the beautiful Wailea Point Condominiums in Waliea, who was our gracious host during a morning of pickleball on the most beautiful courts you will find anywhere. Wailea Point is located just south of the town of Kihei. To say that the courts of this condo complex are beautiful is an understatement. The courts are surrounded by swaying palm trees, hibiscus shrubs and colourful foliage. Tropical birds are singing in the background. We have never played in such peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Usually we are clearing leaves off the courts but at Wailea Point, you must first remove the Hibiscus flowers [more]

Brothers Pickleball

Brothers Pickleball PICKLE BALL-ONCE AN ATHLETE ALWAYS AN ATHLETE Pickle ball, a sport in which players use paddles to hit a whiffle ball (perforated polymer ball) over a low net, is the latest craze to be adopted by fit seniors. The sport, which was named, not after the inventor's dog Pickles, as is widely believed, but from the term "pickle boat", referring to the last boat to return with it's catch.After hearing about the sport from my brother, a retired criminal lawyer, who resides in B.C., I secretly formulated a plan to get him back for a deed he committed some 60 years ago. My father, a man's man, figured if his 2 sons were going to fight, they should learn to do it properly. Thus one evening he came home with 2 sets of professional boxing gloves for his young gladiators. The big moment came, my brother 2 years older with massive arms, [more]



“Pickleball is Addictive”, Notes on the History of Pickleball in BC – Maureen Cadden

I read a website account of Pickleball in BC and those that “brought the sport” here.

I would like to revise the history for you to let you know that I and many others played pickleball in Vancouver back in the early 80s.  I worked for Chevron Canada Limited and we had courts on the roof of 1050 W Pender Street.  I believe these were installed when Daon Development built the building in the 70s, when Jack Poole and Daon were the primary tenants.  After Daon moved to the Daon building (across from the Marine building), the courts were open to lease by the next primary tenant which was at the time I believe BC Forest Products, and subsequently Chevron Canada Limited.News

We had both open recreational play and a full open round robin format (doubles and singles) throughout the year, followed by top 8  double elimination playoffs.  I ran the draw and schedule for our little league for Chevron and played with Rowan Edwin Ley in doubles.  Chevron Canada Limited internal newsletter at the time has pictures including us winning doubles.  We played doubles as well as singles, with communal wood paddles most of which had chips and delaminations but we didn’t care.. White whiffle balls were regularly collected from the streets and gardens around the building when winds and errant shots carried them over the chest high walls surrounding the roof.

I believe the second Daon building had courts as well.  I think Jack Poole may have known the initiators of the game in neighbouring Washington State.

Pickleball 1980Oct.

I recently returned to the game this year and have met a lot of politics and organizations who claim to own the sport here and in the USA.  I was shocked at how they have made up “new rules” including how lines are called (based on the lack of compression of a pickleball relative to a tennis ball), which were never part of the original game.  When we played we played that if the ball were to continue on its path through the imaginary plane of the court line and any part of the ball would contact the line then the ball was in — nothing about compression or the lack thereof.

I tell people we didn’t use the word DINK, and in fact that would have been considered a bad word in my day.  While we didn’t dink we did develop our own strategies to success as there were no “gurus” to tell us what our strategies should be — just a court and the rules of play.  We used a lot of doubles tennis strategies, including the up and back style (which led Pospisil and Sock to a Wimbledon Tennis doubles victory in recent years) as well as the two up strategy which is the predominate doubles pickleball strategy these days.  We did drop shot (the old-timer word for dink) as well as employ a good offensive lob to get those two up players away from the net.  It was great fun and great exercise.

If you are going to write the History of Pickleball in BC, perhaps the old timers should be given some consideration for a sport that was played for fun and corporate spirit.


I have greatly improved my health through playing this past year and am thankful every day that I have some old muscle memory still inside me of a game we enjoyed in our youth. I encourage everyone to try pickleball, especially the youth who will benefit from the fun today and the court sense they develop for when their bodies are less agile in the future.

As I see the coverage of the National Championships in Kelowna this week, the press are quick to point out that the knee braces on display aren’t from pickleball but from other sports — we are a safe bastion for other sports enthusiasts whose bodies are recovering from injury.  In Hawaii and the Comox Valley we get tennis players rehabilitating at pickleball and we welcome them.

The fastest growing sport in North America is also good for body, mind and spirit.

Maureen Cadden


Summer Newsletter 2016

Dogwood Monochrome-II-small


Following 60 days of sunshine in Arizona , I have been generally pleased with the cooler weather in BC with some rain , hopefully making it over the mountains to help the Alberta wildfires.
It is now time to address the increasing number of people who wish to play at least part of the week outdoors and the younger working cohort who need to play evenings and weekends. We also need to approach the students who will soon have summer holidays and are always looking for things to learn and do. Many sports start very early to recruit this group.
I believe our work on infrastructure – approaching and cajoling the Rec centers to carry our sport is almost done. If any Rec center does not see the benefit of another income stream provided by this rapidly growing sport, there is little we can do induce them to give it a fair trial and recruit some of their neighbourhood players into coming and joining us in this fun , physical and competitive game.

Now is the time to address the outdoor facilities available in your area. These facilities are  maintained and run largely by parks and Rec depts ( who are generally tuned in to new trends and are looking for ways to increase the utilization of their courts which in many cases are underutilized or not used at all. Last Summer, little White Rock ( population 20,000 gave us four newly painted pickleball courts superimposed on one tennis court . We gave them 500-800 players per month throughout the summer and fall – a feat never seen in this area. The tennis players were impressed and there were no complaints except from the tennis pros who taught on the other four courts in this “ Five court facility “ . This year we have been given more times to play and publicity from the electronic board that advertises Pickleball on the busiest thoroughfare in White Rock and South Surrey. In the fall, South Surrey gave us 12 courts outdoor, adjacent to their Rec center. They are being well used this year. These courts allow us to increase our number of players from 100/day to 200/day including the indoor times. With a total of 22 courts, this is one of the largest facilities in Canada. Vancouver has 79 parks which we pared to four, which will be activated this summer as a pilot project – one for each quadrant of the city. We have 12 Pickleball programs in Vancouver.

Secrets to success :

1- communicate with parks and Rec by petition and proposal as to your wishes .

2 – complete a bucket list for them that will make the courts given more user friendly eg . 1-a practice board 2. portable sets with a lock box – key to which should be held by an adjacent Rec center or a Leader / member .

3- solicit the Rec center to send the overflow to this location ( they usually have a cap of the number of players allowed )

4- Add in a safety kit available from  www.bcpieverydatckleball.com

5 – Free paddles and balls for the public to use or beginners being taught ( you can request but not charge  1.00 per play for balls – in a jar or can )

6- A Squeegee to wipe off rain

7- Post on the fence the times dedicated to pickleball with allowance for the public to join in too.

8. Should you wish levels and ladders – then post same on your website.

9. Two tennis courts repainted and four pickleball courts superimposed on one of them cost Parks 13,000 dollars.
10- Tournaments and just welcoming new players will produce great benefits to your city – eg “ Have paddle – will travel “ a recreational proposal for cities to welcome visitors to their area is a good way to start your outdoor program and increase interest. We have had an unprecedented number of new outdoor programs brought forward in the past two years.

Finally, although I am getting up there in age, I remember with affection the first Canadian National Tournament held at Oakridge Rec center in Calgary, held in July 2010 OUTDOORS . It was a wonderful,  well run event,  that everyone who participated went home with a good feeling about our sport. All players and paddles were welcome. No injuries occurred. Let’s hope this summer brings you the pleasures of playing outdoors , in unity, camaraderie and fitness.
Tip : We will be playing at Centennial park everyday from Monday to Friday weather permitting. I will be there on Monday Thursday and Friday.

Yours in Sport and Health,
Chuck Lefaive
Founding Director –www.PickleballCanada.org  – Ret
Founding Director – www,BCPIckleball.com  – active
ph – 604-536-9602


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