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Pickleball Program in Mission BC

Pickleball Program in Mission BC Have you tried Pickleball yet? Get active, and join us for an introduction to this exciting and popular sport. This easy-to-learn game is played on a badmin- ton court with a lowered net, a whiffle ball and large hand-held paddles. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. - Follow Us Online! - Mission.ca/Leisure 604.820.5350 - Parks Recreation & [more]

BC, Quebec, and Alberta Players in Mexico


Pickleball at Golden Village Palms in Hemet

Pickleball at Golden Village Palms in HemetIn Hemet and was amazed at their fantastic pickleball facility.  It is new, so not a converted tennis court. The layout was such that they had four courts, with a fully enclosed outer fencing, each court with a gate.  Between each court was an approx. 6' high fence, with an opening to walk between courts.  On each interior fence separating courts was a tube for ball storage (can be seen in one photo).  Behind the back fencing were several benches for waiting to play.  Each bench was shaded by these beautiful artistic-looking sunshades.  The courts were painted blue with green out-of-bounds colouring which made it so easy to see the in-bound court area. Was 99 degrees the other day, about 25 degrees above normal. Most of last week mid 90's so played a lot of pb at night. See you in 3 weeks. Cheers, Doug [more]

Teaching and Travelling with BC Pickleball

Teaching and Travelling with BC PickleballPart  of the fun of getting involved with the executive and our teaching program is that you get the inside track on requests from School boards, teachers, schools , senior centers, Rec centers etc for teaching opportunities. Our greatest strength are the many seniors from the lower mainland who have come and helped over the years to train our     youth. A  sport without youth will not grow. Two opportunities presented themselves in the past week. One was a travel club visit to the new Hillcrest Rec center in Vancouver across from Nat Bailey stadium and next to Queen Elizabeth park. Valentina Paasonen was teaching her first class of the fall session , and the South surrey travel club filled the courts to make an impressive beginning to the Hillcrest season. This is a magnificent  Olympic legacy building. The second opportunity was an instructors course offered to Players from Chilliwack, Kamloops, Vancouver , California [more]

Taking Lessons from South Surrey Rec center - a Seven year continuous experience

Taking Lessons from South Surrey Rec center - a Seven year continuous experienceArticle by Claire and Doug Joyce: 8 beginners in pickleball took level 1 lessons from Dennis every Friday Sept 21 to Oct 19. All of us wanted these lessons because we didn't expect seasoned players to be patient with us, teach us how to play, and learn the rules of etiquette on the courts. During the first session we were simply out of control when trying to walk while hitting the ball forehand and backhand from one side of the gym to the other. Our serves were just as humbling when we would try to simply hit it in one court instead of consistently hitting it anywhere in the gym. We cheered each other on and attempted to serve and play our first game. Dennis gave the group clear direction and challenges. We had ample time to practise his instructions while he would go around the gym giving independent feedback. His sense [more]

Link to intro movie on Pickleball 

Link to Video Clips of a Lesson


BCpickleball visits outdoor facility at South Surrey Rec Center

” BCpickleball visits outdoor facility at South Surrey Rec Center freshly marked by parks and Recreation – Surrey.

There are two double marked courts and two tennis courts with Pickleball dotting. The potential for people with vision, is at least 16 courts outdoor to complement the 10 indoor courts . Also, two courts could be blended into the basketball court on the South side of the Recreation center. With 28 courts for Pickleball, this would be the largest facility In Canada, in keeping with the status of other sports like hockey, softball city for baseball and the multi-millions spent on Soccer over the past several years for artificial turf.

With the proliferation of outdoor Pickleball courts all over the province , Surrey needs to keep up with Powell River ( two dedicated courts ) Vernon ( three dedicated courts)  Trail ( four dedicated courts ) Fuller lake on Vancouver Island ( four dedicated courts ) North Vancouver ( three dedicated courts ) Langley ( four dedicated courts )Richmond ( one dedicated court )

Since; one tennis court will produce at least four generous Pickleball courts, 16 and up to 32 can play instead of 2. Simple math dictates that Pickleball is the more desirable sport for larger number of people to use these expensive facilities. I noticed today at south surrey several tennis courts with  2 people playing and others ( for the whole mid – day taken up with pros teaching the sport for pay ? ) This is not in keeping with recreational play in a public facility.

Finally, a few years ago when we started to grow Pickleball in the lower mainland and Okanagan as well as Vancouver Island, the greater need was indoor infrastructure. Now that is largely in place and what is needed as we are seeing much nicer weather on the West Coast is DEDICATED courts for the outdoor where people can play and not have to spend half their time chasing balls . Several examples of how to do it are on the website www.bcpickleball.com . In the meantime we shall have to be satisfied with dotting little used tennis courts to not offend the tennis fraternity while using these large courts. Even Tennis BC and Tennis USA is recognizing the need for smaller courts for All, esp. kids. We have had just that for 50 years in Vancouver and area.

As with all sports there is a need to think out of the box and recognize the need to accommodate the fastest growing sport in North America – chosen by ACE – the American Council on exercise – as sport of choice two years ago, because people could play a few games and be back to work by 1:00 pm and get calorie burn.

Some tips :

1- use a ball hopper if you are playing on a double marked court and perhaps a Chute with balls in it like baseball uses for the umpires. The hopper needs to have the two middle bottom links widened slightly and then the balls will pop right into the chute , so you need not bend down to pick up all the balls – just PRESS DOWN !
2-request from parks and Rec that they put in a practice board ( easy and Cheap ) so people can practice shots and timing.
3- Request from parks and Rec a lock box , like those used in baseball to hold the paddles and balls and portable sets, chutes, and hoppers. The keys can be held by the Rec centers, adjacent, local player head, and they just sign out the court and go and play.

This summer has been one of the nicest in history. Should this trend continue, I foresee more games, more tournaments, like Maple Green at Easter – time in Surrey and a bigger E mail list ( the key to outdoor play ) in the future. One person or more in each center should be designated to be the ” outdoor designated person ” and maintain and add to the list.

Best Wishes lots of outdoor fresh air Pickleball

Yours in Sport and Health,

Chuck Lefaive

Has Russia done any better than Greece ?

Sochi has already turned into a ghost town…how much money did Russia spend to build this Olympic Village and sports facilities???

What a terrible waste of money…  Wouldn’t you think there would be many poor people in Russia who would love to live here! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


Above link contains many photos of Sochi


article-2723515-207E841900000578-619_964x626” Five Ring wasteland ”  Article on Greek Olympic facility decline.
See National Post August 14, 2014


The Richmond Olympic oval, Hillcrest Rec centre next to Nat Bailey stadium, Creekside Rec centre in False Creek , Whistler Athletic centre at the Chekamus exit are all 2010 wonderfully converted efforts to put these expensive facilities to work for the populace of British Columbia. It is not by accident ( nor efforts by pickleball Canada ) that they are all in part funded by pickleball programs to a lesser or greater degree.  BCpickleball invited players in the lower mainland to come to the oval on the first day it opened to our sport some four years ago and 72 players responded, for an amazing turnout on eight courts out of a possible 16 courts.

The oval staff were impressed and went forward to purchase paddles and balls for leagues and beginners to use. The Richmond and small Vancouver cohort of players were asked if they would keep it going . They declined – citing soft spots on some courts and cost.

The Oval quickly reduced their price to 5.00 to play and 1.00 per car parking – very reasonable, as well as defining the usable courts which ended up as eight in number. A call in advance,with a foursome or eight-some will get the courts set up for you. Rumours persist that the cost is higher and courts not usable – not true. See article on www.bcpickleball.com on “an instructors course taught at the Richmond oval. ”

Well , what of the other Olympic heritage sites ? Creekside has had an active , but small cohort for several years, first started by BC Pickleball Assoc. Coal Harbour is due to start in September in downtown Vancouver on a trial basis until December. New players are welcome.

Hillcrest has had a program for three years and has half the space it needs to make a viable, larger program . Nice facility , with restaurant, curling , pool etc.

Whistler has one outdoor court at the first ( Chekamus exit ) coming into Whistler. It has great potential with a young population , three elementaries , a high school, tennis club and courts at the former Olympic residence , now the BC Gymnastics practice centre at Chekamus. It is interesting to note that Bathurst New Brunswick Tennis club has started the first clay court pickleball in Canada – something we have written about many times in these pages as a functional idea.

Finally, I have been asked many times, will Pickleball enter the Olympics ? Good use by our sport of Olympic Legacies is a really good start to that end , rather than showing to the world how taxpayer money can be wasted on elite sports that do not meet the criteria of ” A Game for All ” nor provide a fitter population as a whole – one of the cornerstones of the BC Gov’t program for a 20% fitter population by 2020. It is left to see if we meet our target.

Surely, as with ACE , the American Association for Exercise who, two years ago, chose pickleball as the go- to- sport for Americans, BC will judge pickleball as the growth sport of the decade…… For all ages and skill levels.

Would that we could have a crack at marking the Greek Olympic facility and fill
it with picklers instead of what it is now – a simple PHOTO OP for travellers. I have been there.