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Pickleball Program in Mission BC

Pickleball Program in Mission BC Have you tried Pickleball yet? Get active, and join us for an introduction to this exciting and popular sport. This easy-to-learn game is played on a badmin- ton court with a lowered net, a whiffle ball and large hand-held paddles. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. - Follow Us Online! - Mission.ca/Leisure 604.820.5350 - Parks Recreation & [more]

BC, Quebec, and Alberta Players in Mexico


Pickleball at Golden Village Palms in Hemet

Pickleball at Golden Village Palms in HemetIn Hemet and was amazed at their fantastic pickleball facility.  It is new, so not a converted tennis court. The layout was such that they had four courts, with a fully enclosed outer fencing, each court with a gate.  Between each court was an approx. 6' high fence, with an opening to walk between courts.  On each interior fence separating courts was a tube for ball storage (can be seen in one photo).  Behind the back fencing were several benches for waiting to play.  Each bench was shaded by these beautiful artistic-looking sunshades.  The courts were painted blue with green out-of-bounds colouring which made it so easy to see the in-bound court area. Was 99 degrees the other day, about 25 degrees above normal. Most of last week mid 90's so played a lot of pb at night. See you in 3 weeks. Cheers, Doug [more]

Teaching and Travelling with BC Pickleball

Teaching and Travelling with BC PickleballPart  of the fun of getting involved with the executive and our teaching program is that you get the inside track on requests from School boards, teachers, schools , senior centers, Rec centers etc for teaching opportunities. Our greatest strength are the many seniors from the lower mainland who have come and helped over the years to train our     youth. A  sport without youth will not grow. Two opportunities presented themselves in the past week. One was a travel club visit to the new Hillcrest Rec center in Vancouver across from Nat Bailey stadium and next to Queen Elizabeth park. Valentina Paasonen was teaching her first class of the fall session , and the South surrey travel club filled the courts to make an impressive beginning to the Hillcrest season. This is a magnificent  Olympic legacy building. The second opportunity was an instructors course offered to Players from Chilliwack, Kamloops, Vancouver , California [more]

Taking Lessons from South Surrey Rec center - a Seven year continuous experience

Taking Lessons from South Surrey Rec center - a Seven year continuous experienceArticle by Claire and Doug Joyce: 8 beginners in pickleball took level 1 lessons from Dennis every Friday Sept 21 to Oct 19. All of us wanted these lessons because we didn't expect seasoned players to be patient with us, teach us how to play, and learn the rules of etiquette on the courts. During the first session we were simply out of control when trying to walk while hitting the ball forehand and backhand from one side of the gym to the other. Our serves were just as humbling when we would try to simply hit it in one court instead of consistently hitting it anywhere in the gym. We cheered each other on and attempted to serve and play our first game. Dennis gave the group clear direction and challenges. We had ample time to practise his instructions while he would go around the gym giving independent feedback. His sense [more]

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BC Pickleball goes to Turkey

BC Pickleball goes to Turkey

A Beginning

Rome was not built in a day, nor will Turkey have places – to  -play in their country overnight. However a start has occurred, thanks to the enthusiasm of one family, and support from BC Pickleball . As you know , Turkey has long been a favourite destination for Canadians for tours and to see the ancient and holy places of Christiandom as well as Muslim holy places. The first time I stepped foot into a mosque was in Turkey. One of the thrills of our tour was to go walking ( open air ) on the main street in Istanbul, ( the largest city in Europe) with thousands of young people walking together, 20 deep, for miles on a Saturday night. Amazing !

Well, back to Pickleball ! From the humble beginnings of two clay courts – on a unique surface called a “threshing area” where hazelnuts are dried as well as other products, sometimes covered over by a  nylon – type material like the ginseng farms here, the surface gets hard over time and can be line-marked with lime or similar substance . These “drying places” are found in all the little villages and some larger towns (in the mayor’s residence or plaza). Hence, we now have  a vision for recreational play, and in the larger centres more competitive agendas can occur indoors .

The vision forming is of a centre in a larger town with four courts, like Samsun , donated paddles, of different components like, wood to start – similar to the beginnings of Pickleball 50 years ago in the USA and progressing to aluminum, graphite, soft and quiet Apikes, etc . With practice, they will then select which they wish to have in their programs. With staggered times, this Samsun location in North Turkey near the Black Sea, could easily accommodate 100 players. Those players from Canada have brought balls,( Jugs  and Dura outdoor balls) for trial there. Some of their wood paddles are handmade using dillers and swingers as prototypes. The possibility of engaging some tennis players is there , and we look forward  to a tie-in to travel agencies who do tours in turkey , to stop in Samsun and try Pickleball.

It is with pleasure that we welcome Turkey as friends of BC Pickleball Association joining a growing list of international countries who find Pickleball a wonderful fun,fun,fun, sport to play and enjoy as a family . It is truly a game for all !

Yours in sport and health,
Chuck Lefaive
Founding Director
British Columbia Pickleball Association
ph – 604-536-9602

PS: When this program gets a little more mature, I hope we will get some photos for you and for our travel section of www.Bcpickleball.Com.

Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015

Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015

We are avid pickleball players from Winnipeg, Manitoba who recently returned from a wonderful vacation in Maui. Our holiday was made even better by the kindness of Chuck Lefaive of the B.C. Pickleball Association. He was able to connect us with Dave Wagner, a resident of the beautiful Wailea Point Condominiums in Waliea, who was our gracious host during a morning of pickleball on the most beautiful courts you will find anywhere.

Wailea Point is located just south of the town of Kihei. To say that the courts of this condo complex are beautiful is an understatement. The courts are surrounded by swaying palm trees, hibiscus shrubs and colourful foliage. Tropical birds are singing in the background. We have never played in such peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Usually we are clearing leaves off the courts but at Wailea Point, you must first remove the Hibiscus flowers that have blown onto the court. Paradise found!!!

Dave Wagner proved to be a wonderful host, arriving in his golf cart, with coolers full of ice and water. He and his partner, Tim are excellent players, even though they admitted to not playing very often. We were also joined by Dave’s nephew and his friend who were visiting the island from Pennsylvania. The games were very enjoyable, even though Dave and his group really showed us what the game was all about. Excellent competition and great sportsmanship!!!

Unfortunately, the island of Maui has not yet caught the pickleball fever so public courts do not exist. But if you are travelling to the Island and are lucky enough to be a guest of Dave’s, you will have a great memory of pickleball in paradise.

Our sincere thanks to Chuck on helping us find this beautiful location.


Kim & Don Michalski

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Brothers Pickleball

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Pickle ball, a sport in which players use paddles to hit a whiffle ball (perforated polymer ball) over a low net, is the latest craze to be adopted by fit seniors. The sport, which was named, not after the inventor’s dog Pickles, as is widely believed, but from the term “pickle boat”, referring to the last boat to return with it’s catch.After hearing about the sport from my brother, a retired criminal lawyer, who resides in B.C., I secretly formulated a plan to get him back for a deed he committed some 60 years ago. My father, a man’s man, figured if his 2 sons were going to fight, they should learn to do it properly. Thus one evening he came home with 2 sets of professional boxing gloves for his young gladiators. The big moment came, my brother 2 years older with massive arms, took one swing and down I went knocked out cold. As befits the moment my brother, acting as his own referee, counted me out 1—-10., then proceeded to help me.

Now, it is my time to exact revenge. My brother, a young 71, a former athlete of some note, has developed a highly competitive attitude(killer instinct), to the game of Pickle ball. I plan to challenge him to a match(without him knowing of my plan to perfect my skill), emerge victoriously, thereby striking a blow of revenge for all younger brothers. Who says sibling rivalry fades with age.

Thus,early on a crisp October Saturday morning I found myself entering a west end high school to learn the fundamentals of pickle ball. After registration and signing a waiver not to sue the sponsoring organization, I found myself in the middle of a group of seniors all anxious to learn the intricacies of the game. The beginner group as opposed to the intermediate group, consisted of a coed  cohort,equal numbers of both sexes, ranging in age from early 60s to a petite senior-senior woman.

A gentleman, Patrick, who had played before, reluctantly took charge of explaining the rules of the game to us. Soon after we were divided into 2 groups of 4,assigned to a court and explained the boundaries of the court, For example, the net is 36 inches high, one of the rules I latter broke ,states there is no spiking(hitting the ball directly without letting it bounce, in the kitchen area(3 feet on either side of the net. The rule is there to protect the player from injury.
After a short warm up we were set to play. Dusting off my old athletic skills, I found despite the ravage of time, my eye-hand co-ordination was still operative, and the killer instinct alive and well.
In a totally inappropriate move, I entered the kitchen area, and blasted a spike that came within inches of decapitating my senior-senior opponent. Indeed David the athlete is back!
After realizing my indiscretion, in the interest of fair play, I scaled back my killer instinct, and a highly enjoyable time was had by all.

Afterwards, I apologized profusely to my senior-senior, and learned “Bunny” is 93 years young and a socially delightful woman.

The following day, I am beset with muscle aches I have not felt in 30 years. Nevertheless, I consider the days’ activities to be a roaring success and look forward to a long and fruitful career as a Pickle Baller.

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