BC PICKLEBALL GOES TO WHITE ROCK - FOR THE SECOND TIME   A Couple of years ago, BC Pickleball in conjunction with parks and Rec White Rock attempted to start a program of Pickleball in the curling rink during the summer. It proved a big task for several reasons – some structural, some promotional,  some managerial ( several sports at the same time )  and some just a lack of players. They did however provide instructors  and those who played there enjoyed it especially when the courts were run length-wise  as opposed to   width – wise. On Thursday, June 25th , as indicated, the new outdoor courts ( 4 in number ) were opened up for our use and the adjacent lock box unlocked with keys from the parks and Rec office next to the skating rink at Centennial park. Four portable sets are on the way , but I used two of BC Pickleball’s sets, available to any member to sign out and [more]


BC PICKLEBALL GOES TO SNOWBIRD LAND A SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO PICKLEBALL FROM CANADIANS IN THE USA Recently, Rita and I took a holiday in the sun to celebrate her " celebration of life " after surviving a health issue for the past 18 months. Palm Springs as host of Lee Chadwick was the first stop for one week  where we found that by clicking on Palm Springs - pickleball on their website a whole list of places to play popped up even with an instructor -  listed for people to access. . Second we discovered Freedom Park , a lovely public facility in Palm Desert , next door to Ronald Reagan elementary school , which was in the process of being painted over with eight designated pickleball courts on two under-utilized  tennis courts ,-  .colours were beige on the outside and a strong blue on the courts themselves - see pix above. This park was to host the California seniors games in the [more]

Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015

Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015Pickleball in Paradise – Maui 2015 We are avid pickleball players from Winnipeg, Manitoba who recently returned from a wonderful vacation in Maui. Our holiday was made even better by the kindness of Chuck Lefaive of the B.C. Pickleball Association. He was able to connect us with Dave Wagner, a resident of the beautiful Wailea Point Condominiums in Waliea, who was our gracious host during a morning of pickleball on the most beautiful courts you will find anywhere. Wailea Point is located just south of the town of Kihei. To say that the courts of this condo complex are beautiful is an understatement. The courts are surrounded by swaying palm trees, hibiscus shrubs and colourful foliage. Tropical birds are singing in the background. We have never played in such peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Usually we are clearing leaves off the courts but at Wailea Point, you must first remove the Hibiscus flowers [more]

Brothers Pickleball

Brothers Pickleball PICKLE BALL-ONCE AN ATHLETE ALWAYS AN ATHLETE Pickle ball, a sport in which players use paddles to hit a whiffle ball (perforated polymer ball) over a low net, is the latest craze to be adopted by fit seniors. The sport, which was named, not after the inventor's dog Pickles, as is widely believed, but from the term "pickle boat", referring to the last boat to return with it's catch.After hearing about the sport from my brother, a retired criminal lawyer, who resides in B.C., I secretly formulated a plan to get him back for a deed he committed some 60 years ago. My father, a man's man, figured if his 2 sons were going to fight, they should learn to do it properly. Thus one evening he came home with 2 sets of professional boxing gloves for his young gladiators. The big moment came, my brother 2 years older with massive arms, [more]

 Spring 2017 Newsletter


Camosun College – Center of Sports Excellence



Springtime in BC is always a time of renewal, beauty, planning for the summer and especially, excitement for the upcoming outdoor play season.  Many new and older venues in the Province offer pickleball. This year will bring Vancouver into the limelight as courts are due to be brought on stream at Queen Elizabeth park in the heart of the city, Trout Lake , and Dunbar Rec with a view to expanding the number of neighbourhoods with new Pickleball Courts for the public to use. That participaction Canada is featuring pickleball, on its Birthday 150 , accross Canada will help our cause considerably. The articles in the Sun and the Province choosing Pickleball the #2 preferred activitiy for 2017 will also help a lot.

The header above shows the front of the Camosun College in Victoria – Center for Sports Excellence – which is a diploma, certificate and Degree offering in Physical Education offered by this center of higher education. Pickleball is played there on Sunday afternoon – 2-4 pm by a group of competitive, tournament players who register by clicking on a website. They are not registered in the leisure guide of the College or center . Alternatively, the same type of program can be accessed in South Surrey Rec on Saturday afternoons, at Guilford on Friday afternoons, at Fraser heights Rec on Wed evenings, in Richmond at Thompson rec center on Sundays, in Langley outdoor, , in Walnut grove indoor , and in Abbotsford. This allows these players to play with partners, try out new equipment ( balls ) etc that they will use in USA sponsored tournaments and prepare for play in the South where “ buy American” is now IN . No doubt, more of these types of programs will emerge. Overtures to Trinity College in Langley have been made. Laurentian in Sudbury have , for many years, offered Pickleball, alternating with badminton , on their intramural program and it is highly successful.

All high schools in Surrey, and many others in other jurisdictions teach pickleball as the P/E teachers know it is a good lifetime sport. 8000 schools in the USA teach pickleball. Hence we have a large cohort of young players looking for times, post high- school to play and recreate and compete. We need to give them the times in order to not lose them to work, family concerns, and many other sports. BC pickleball assoc this spring will / has taught forsyth elementary ( a core school in Whalley ) St Bernadettes ( Surrey ) , Star of the Sea ( South Surrey  – 12 years in a row )  Whte Rock elementary, Marpole / Oakridge Rec center ( Vancouver ) , Timms community center ( Langley ) , Princeton Rec center , Williams Lake Rec center, and possibly Prince George. This with the help of many volunteers who help the kids “ do it right the first time “   Should any of you wish to help – just call 604-536-9602 and we will send you the schedule.

Finally, a short word on a current issue. Some years ago, the snowbirds, used to using the USA Dura ball outdoor , insisted that we use it indoor. When a man got hit in the eye , by a lady with a graphite paddle , and subsequently lost his left eye, we banned the Dura ball in our center and for all tournaments. Hence the lighter, softer jugs ball became the standard for all indoor play, the Dura was relegated to outdoor if it is windy. The result was that the US suppliers lost market share to jugs. Today we have another similar situation. Most rec centers in Canada use the jugs ball but the tournament players and snowbirds are bringing back the new Onix ball , which is smaller , harder , faster and noisier ( important if you have lots of people playing at once ) Yesterday I played at South Surrey – 4 courts and NO ONE could hear the score. Three of the courts were using the new Onix ball. So, now is the time to poll your players, asking them which ball is 1) faster 2) noisier 3) more intrusive ( hurts ) 4) smaller 5) more suitable for recreational play – indoor which is the majority usage in our rec centers. Your Rec center then, can make the appropriate decision rather than letting the performance players influence the recreational players. Do let me know what your poll says :  Emailto:   

Good playing, have fun , get a court going in your neighbourhood ! Use a Magnum Sharpie from Staples to dot the court in advance ( the tennis players will never notice the dots and will never complain about it) , then use the throw down lines available from www.okpickleball.ca . You can then use a little tape if you wish more delineation. It works and is quick.

Chuck Lefaive
Founding director – www.pickleballcanada.org ( ret)
Founding director – www.bcpickleball.com ( active)

Pickleball at Sea by Carlos Felip

Carlos Felip

Pickle Balling on the Sea

It was one of those nice long days at the sea. My wife and I were on a cruise ship crossing the Atlantic for a visit to England when I saw this group of people playing an unusual game on the ship’s basketball court.

They had a portable net, paddles and a funny hollow plastic ball…. This was my introduction to Pickle Ball, courtesy of a Florida fellow who had boarded the ship with a full Pickle Ball set: Net, paddles and balls. I do not need to tell you that his efforts were very well received and a large group of men and women played the game every day in that cruising trip.

I was hooked and I have practice Pickle Ball at every possible opportunity since. It was natural, therefore, that when we planned our next cruise we looked at the possibility to play some Pickle Ball.
Although we could not find any cruise advertising the game, we chose to book a cruise to Hawaii in the Zaandam because this ship has a “practice” tennis court. We thought that we could at the very least practice our Pickle Ball in that court.

As it turn out, we met early in the trip the Social Activity Director for the ship, who got interested in learning about the “new” game. From there, was a matter of buying a couple of additional paddles in Honolulu, adding the lines for Pickle Ball (the Social Director did it himself), and we had a group of people playing the game on board every morning for the balance of the trip. We were delighted, and thought it had been a great experience.

But the best was still to come. We had already booked another cruise with the same company, this time a long one, from San Diego to Buenos Aires. To our surprise, few days after returning from Hawaii we got an email “from the office of the president” of Holland America.

The President wanted to thanks us for having brought the subject of Pickle Ball to their attention! He advised that Pickle Ball was going to be incorporated into the daily activities to our next cruise to Buenos Aires and that the company was considering incorporating Pickle Ball as a regular activity in all its ships and cruises in the near future.

So there you have it. I am not sure if other cruise companies do offer Pickle Ball, but the likely hood that you will have at least it in a Holland America cruise in the future is very high.

Carlos Felip



This Xmas will be a time of gathering of families, with special times for kids offered, and for families , to play at our many Recreational Centers located near YOU.

Please take the opportunity to bring your grandchildren to the local center and teach them. They can learn to play and then play for a lifetime ( 90’s in not unusual in our play centers. ) Teach them
how to  play. Since this is  ( our motto) A GAME FOR ALL – then all levels and all ages can play. Last week we had a lady come to play at Coal Harbour who is a wheelchair athlete ( tennis ) and played well.

We have had downs syndrome children play well, some adults with tremours play well, and some post stroke players too. So, in our school teaching program we favour grades 4-7 as the time when
most kids gain decent hand eye co-ordination and the school gets the best bang for their buck. Their are exceptions to this guideline as some elementary school kids are gifted and we have had kindergarten age children come and play with the seniors and play well too.

All things considered , and taking all these issues together , I believe about three is the right age to start them , serving from closer to the net and lots of rally practice for them will reap big rewards later , in tennis, badminton, table tennis, racquetball and squash. All high schools in Surrey (37) teach pickleball in P/E and the kids love it. Many! elementaries seek out www.bcpickleball.com to book spring or fall teaching weeks. It takes a full week to teach one elementary school properly ( Max 500 students ) and their tournaments are the largest in Canada. More than 150 seniors have helped to teach the kids and of course have gained much by giving of themselves .  It is fun . To help out – call 604-536-9602.

Historically , the community centers have been giving us times to play favorable to seniors and some centers, a weekday evening and perhaps a weekend time for working people and younger cohorts. With 2.5 million players in the US and approx 10% of that in Canada, it is now time to approach, give times to and engage the younger people. So ask your respective programmers to look at their calendars and see if they can give you another evening or weekend time.Timms community center in Langley city is a good example, All their times, well spread out, are 18 + .

Finally, Rita and I would like to wish you and yours Happy Holidays !  Stay warm ! light a fire !

Good luck in 2017

Chuck Lefaive


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