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Pickleball Program in Mission BC

Pickleball Program in Mission BC Have you tried Pickleball yet? Get active, and join us for an introduction to this exciting and popular sport. This easy-to-learn game is played on a badmin- ton court with a lowered net, a whiffle ball and large hand-held paddles. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. - Follow Us Online! - Mission.ca/Leisure 604.820.5350 - Parks Recreation & [more]

BC, Quebec, and Alberta Players in Mexico


Pickleball at Golden Village Palms in Hemet

Pickleball at Golden Village Palms in HemetIn Hemet and was amazed at their fantastic pickleball facility.  It is new, so not a converted tennis court. The layout was such that they had four courts, with a fully enclosed outer fencing, each court with a gate.  Between each court was an approx. 6' high fence, with an opening to walk between courts.  On each interior fence separating courts was a tube for ball storage (can be seen in one photo).  Behind the back fencing were several benches for waiting to play.  Each bench was shaded by these beautiful artistic-looking sunshades.  The courts were painted blue with green out-of-bounds colouring which made it so easy to see the in-bound court area. Was 99 degrees the other day, about 25 degrees above normal. Most of last week mid 90's so played a lot of pb at night. See you in 3 weeks. Cheers, Doug [more]

Teaching and Travelling with BC Pickleball

Teaching and Travelling with BC PickleballPart  of the fun of getting involved with the executive and our teaching program is that you get the inside track on requests from School boards, teachers, schools , senior centers, Rec centers etc for teaching opportunities. Our greatest strength are the many seniors from the lower mainland who have come and helped over the years to train our     youth. A  sport without youth will not grow. Two opportunities presented themselves in the past week. One was a travel club visit to the new Hillcrest Rec center in Vancouver across from Nat Bailey stadium and next to Queen Elizabeth park. Valentina Paasonen was teaching her first class of the fall session , and the South surrey travel club filled the courts to make an impressive beginning to the Hillcrest season. This is a magnificent  Olympic legacy building. The second opportunity was an instructors course offered to Players from Chilliwack, Kamloops, Vancouver , California [more]

Taking Lessons from South Surrey Rec center - a Seven year continuous experience

Taking Lessons from South Surrey Rec center - a Seven year continuous experienceArticle by Claire and Doug Joyce: 8 beginners in pickleball took level 1 lessons from Dennis every Friday Sept 21 to Oct 19. All of us wanted these lessons because we didn't expect seasoned players to be patient with us, teach us how to play, and learn the rules of etiquette on the courts. During the first session we were simply out of control when trying to walk while hitting the ball forehand and backhand from one side of the gym to the other. Our serves were just as humbling when we would try to simply hit it in one court instead of consistently hitting it anywhere in the gym. We cheered each other on and attempted to serve and play our first game. Dennis gave the group clear direction and challenges. We had ample time to practise his instructions while he would go around the gym giving independent feedback. His sense [more]

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BC Pickleball Goes To Hawaii

BC Pickleball Goes To Hawaii
Co- authored by Aki Takeda of Coal Harbour Rec. – Vancouver
Mele Kamikamaka ( Merry Xmas From Hawaii ) To All

The pictures depicted show a casual group having fun each day on the newly marked courts
on the military base adjacent to most of the main hotels in Waikiki.  See list on www.bcpickleball.com of adjacent hotels.  We thank those who took this initiative to provide free courts dedicated to Pickleball , as we have many who travel to this area and would love to play a short game especially if it is hot. I loved the pix of the chap in the thongs….. Not the best of shoe-ware, but in Hawaii, why not !

Waikiki is the most frequently travelled to destination but Maui is a close second.
There , nestled amongst the Wailea hotels is a location that contains the most beautiful courts ( outdoor with orchids on the fence ) I have ever seen. The location is Wailea Point Estates next to the Renaissance hotel.  It is a private settlement of high end condos 5-10 million dollars,  and can be accessed by emailing in advance  davewagner@waileapoint.com .  His whole family plays well and come from Seattle . He is a 5.0 player . The facility has a controlled entry and beachfront access.

In addition, I have heard that the main road in Maui that has tennis courts , and also has some Pickleball courts open to the public.

Dave Wagner did an article on www.pickleballcanada.org – on Wailea point estates in 2010
with pictures, inviting BC’ers to come and play.  He and his sister also own the town of Telegraph Cove , near Campbell River, a fishing destination with high end ” fishing homes ”
which,  if he could have solved the noise issue with Pickleball, would have had courts years ago.

We welcome Hawaii , as friends of BC Pickleball joining a growing list of international locations starting Pickleball, with a little help from this end.

( see the article on BC Pickleball goes to Turkey in this month’s postings.)
Mele Kalikimaka

Chuck Lefaive
Founding Director
ph- 604-536-9602


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Xmas Newsletter 2014

A Great Year for Pickleball in Canada and BC

Many records were broken this year by Canadians at the US Nationals as well as Nationals at home and in some 40 tournaments in BC – both recreational and competitive. With 220+ locations in BC ,the largest public program in the world,we now have the infrastructure, and instructor personnel ( 222 ) to lead Canada into the next phase of  Pickleball” A la Canadian style”. Let’s put Canada First and pull our provinces together so that they are functional, independent and pointed at a National organization that looks after National affairs and does not hide behind the IFP label, which few know, stands for the USAPA in Canada. To do this we will need many young volunteers.

BC and Quebec are two provincial organizations that have dedicated much time and effort into producing a Canadian identity for this wonderful family sport. From the outset, we have provided bilingual translations, articles on many topics of interest, like noise in the play areas , court management with long lineups, rules that  allow our badminton courts to be used for all tournaments ( since they are free in the first place ) and a fresh approach to ranking and ratings – using a more credible format.

Marcel Lemieux – President of Pickleball Quebec ( unmentioned by Pickleball Canada in any of its newsletters) has produced some 45 indoor programs in the Montreal / Quebec city areas and 45 outdoor programs to complement these. This is  a remarkable achievement for a former Vice President of Pickleball Canada who was a founding  member of their organization as I was. He is a staunch Canadian , who in spite of a serious illness that prevented him from doing a lot the first year, he rebounded ( as did his wife Louise ) and they have produced a tremendous volunteer  effort for the sport of Pickleball in ” La Belle Provence “.  I invite you all to check out  www.PickleballQuebec.ca  and click on the English version if appropriate – you will be surprised!

Further to the above comments, the CanadianPickleballFederation.ca which was first registered with Industry Canada and hence official for Canada , is now available to you volunteer for.  I hope many of you will. Bill MacGregor from South Surrey is President (bmacgregor7@gmail.com ) and ready to include you in this national effort.

Finally, Rita and I wish you and yours a great holiday, health in the New Year and plenty of play-times over the Xmas and New Year breaks. I invite all to bring and play with your families as this is the future of our sport which is for All to enjoy .

Yours in Sport and Health,

Chuck Lefaive


A three court tournament in South Surrey

    A three court tournament in South Surrey

Peace Portal Alliance Annual Tournament

November 7, 2014

Many people have indicated they cannot do much with one, two, or three courts. At South Surrey we have the potential to have four Church led groups with up to 4000 families in one program. The Peace Portal Alliance Church has a large congregation and three courts in a nice gym with short ends and generous sides.

They have offered a Friday only program , stratified with beginners in the morning, teaching mid-day or early afternoon and accomplished players in the Friday evening. After Four years they now have over 100 players , some of whom play on other days of the week in our South Surrey Rec center, the largest program in Canada. On Fridays, combining South Surrey and Peace Portal Alliance we would approach 200 players . This augurs well for our planned campaign to bring 26 courts to South Surrey – 10 indoor and 16-18 outdoor.

This would put South Surrey into the position of an A park for Pickleball, appropriate as they have no tennis indoor program here but do have eight courts for tennis two blocks away. The South Surrey park outdoor courts have been substandard for years in terms of finish and design . The pickleball people would bring usage for the 10 months of the year that tennis is not seen here. If the weather is not raining , we would be playing.

Finally, this  50 person tournament at Peace Portal is restricted to those who had payed their club fee  and have a 3.5 rating by USA standards., so , although it is free to play there, there are restrictions ( IFP is OK ) and religious (not OK) to compete there.  One player at our center today indicated he was not allowed, although a member of the church as he is not a 3.5 player in their opinion.  He is an octogenarian.  In Canada, we can be more welcoming eh.

In contrast, the USA Nationals in Buckeye AZ this week will have some 800 players on eight courts for a whole week instead of one day.  Many Canadian 5.0 players will be there like Luba Jehovic and Dave Touchet from South Surrey.  The American system runs on competitive play , whereas the Canadian System operates on a recreational model primarily.

Let’s hope more of our programs will follow the lead of Peace Portal Alliance,  Sechelt,
and Dufferin Park at the Truck Crossing Border to do a tournament as well.

Yours in Sport and health,